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Posted on January 07, 2014 and filed under Callie Jacob, Maia Mitchell, The Fosters

1. Stef and Lena have a pretty crappy honeymoon. Once they realize that Callie has bolted, they’re forced to switch from happy, blissful mode to parent in a crisis mode while they track down their foster daughter, who’s gone on a road trip with Wyatt and his excellent hair.

2. Callie winds up back in the system. Why she decides to get herself thrown back in juvy will remain a secret until you watch, but know that she does it on purpose (and for a sad reason).

3. Brandon fesses up. But not until the second episode back. The first hour focuses on the family finding Callie, but the second hour delves deeper into why she might’ve decided to run away.

4. Rosie O’Donnell is one of Callie’s new allies. O’Donnell plays the leader of the group home where Callie winds up, and she’s pretty awesome.

5. Callie’s not the only one with problems. Jesus and Mariana are distraught that Lexi is moving away (not going on a quick vacation). While things might be looking up in Mari’s love life, her other friendships might not be ideal. And Jesus suffers a health problem that could be very serious.


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