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Posted on July 05, 2015 and filed under

Role: McKenzie, “Mack”
Directed by: Jeffrey Hornaday
Written by: Vince Marcello and Mark Landry
Teleplay by: Vince Marcello, Mark Landry and Robert Horn
TV Release: July 19th 2013
Genre: Family, Musical
Plot: Brady and McKenzie are both high school students who both enjoy surfing and watching their favorite beach musical film, Wet Side Story, set in the 1960’s era of rock ‘n roll, bikers, beach and surfing. They’ve talked so much about how they would love to be in their favorite movie to live that era. After the death of her mother, McKenzie promised her aunt she would focus on her future, including college, and has to move away with her, putting her relationship with Brady in trouble. After Brady insists on McKenzie having one last wave with him, they both fall off their boards. As they wake up, they realize they have been transported into Wet Side Story and decide to play along with the plot and try to fit in. But after their film’s lead man falls for McKenzie, as well as their film’s lead girl falls for Brady, the film’s plot changes completely, starting a whole new plot and slowly causing Brady and McKenzie to become part of the movie itself. It’s up to Brady and McKenzie to make sure the film’s plot goes as it originally is to get out of it as well and enjoy their last day together.