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Posted on January 23, 2014 and filed under Callie Jacob, Interviews, Maia Mitchell, Teen Beach Movie, The Fosters

Maia Mitchell totally blew her first audition for the popular ABC Family drama THE FOSTERS.

“It was a complete flop,” she remembers.

“I said to Scott, who was our casting director, ‘I am so sorry.  I know that was crap.  Please bring me back because I can act and I love this role and I am so passionate about it.’  And he did.”

“The next time I came back was with [creators] Peter Paige and Brad Bredeweg and they said the moment they saw me they knew I was Callie.”

Where do you think realistically the Callie-Brandon storyline can go?
It is difficult because the longer they leave it, the more uncomfortable it becomes.  It really is a fine line that we have to walk.  I think that if they leave it too long, it is not possible for them to have any kind of romantic connection without it being completely incestuous and uncomfortable.  It either needs to happen really quickly or not at all.

What would you like to see happen?
We obviously don’t have any say in it.  My teenage girl self is like “Yes, yes, yes!” But the responsible part of me that wants Callie’s well being says no.  Not until they are out of the house.

What do you like most about Callie?
Her integrity, I think.  I think that she has so much integrity and loyalty — to [younger brother] Jude especially.  She values family more than anything.  And it is kind of her achilles heel as well.  Because she values it so much that she is constantly mourning for her own family that she has lost.  And in not facing that, she has all of these fears that have built up about family.  And in not facing that she has all of these fears that have been built up about family and letting new people in because they could be taken away at any point.  So when this family who is beautiful and generous and loving wants to take her in, she just leaves.

Do you want to sit down and have a talk with her…
I do!  But you know what? I think she is doing her best and considering the circumstances, I am constantly so impressed by it.  I am the person that feels the most for her.  And I am so blown away by her strength.  Especially in the past episode that has just aired where she choses to put herself into the system because she kind of realizes that it is better than being on the streets and living in the slums.  She decides to take control of her own life.  And is a moment that is so distressing because she is in this position but also kind of empowering at the same time.  I think that is so incredibly strong.

Part of her problem, of course, is that she kissed Brandon and took a bite of the forbidden apple…
Right!  Which was entirely because she is terrified of love and terrified of her family.  She has this reaction in her to run.

You are only a few years older than her.  Have you ever been so consumed by love that you were making bad decisions?
Puppy love?  Absolutely!  I don’t know what I wouldn’t have done for my first boyfriend when I was 16.  My God.  I remember shooting a show in Australia and I was having to leave and come home all the time.  And I remember I was leaving for two months and I wept for like 12 hours on the plane because I wasn’t going to get to see him.  So yes.  I can relate to the young love thing.

That must seem like 100 years ago.
It does.  But it was only four years — and not that many boyfriends ago.  [laughs]  But I can completely relate.  And I think that he kind of represents this kind of beacon of hope for her. She wants to leave Jude to have this family.  She is trying to have this independent life.  And now she is in this group home with people that she feels don’t understand her at all.

Are you eager to get back to Australia?
I just got back from Australia.  But I can’t wait to go back. I would really… I have been missing the industry back home.  I haven’t done any local work since I was 16.  So I would really love for my next gig to be an Aussie film.

Your whole family is back there.  How hard is that?
It is increasingly hard, actually.  It has only just crept up on me how homesick I really am because I am so busy that I don’t really have time to think about it.  But I do get homesick.  I was just home for the holidays, which was amazing.  I saw all my friends from high school.  And my boyfriend went with me as well.  He met my family. So it is nice to connect my two worlds together.

I love your accent.  How hard is it to cover that up?
It depends how tired I am.  Definitely if I haven’t been using it all day, getting into it is more difficult.  But generally I will go to work and spend my whole day in it in between takes and at lunch.  But when I am just coming in for a table read and that is it, it is horrible and everyone makes fun of me.

So you have been here for how long?
Two years back and forth.  I have been living here for a year and a half.

What brought you over here?
A manager found me in Australia. I hadn’t really actively considered trying out the LA pilot season thing because it really terrified me.  So I had never really been interested in doing that until I felt ready.  But an American manager kind of scouted me out through an audition process for an Australian project.  Then I auditioned for a Disney movie called TEEN BEACH MOVIE, which I ended up booking.  And that brought me out here.  So I came and shot in America two years ago for like four months.  Then I went back home after that in like, April.  And I sat around for like 6 weeks and was bored out of my mind.  So I decided to come back.

Sounds like it was pretty easy for you.  You didn’t have to go through years and years of eating Ramen noodles?
I wasn’t living out of my car or sleeping on people’s couches.  I am incredibly boring, actually.

Tell me about you then.  What are you passionate about?
I love people and people watching.  I love music.  I am intrigued my musicians more than I am actors.  I have a bigger respect for them.

You are a musician yourself…
I am.  I dabble in it.  But I would like to have more time to really focus on that at some point.  Not professionally, though.

You don’t think you are good enough?
No.  It isn’t that.  It’s that I don’t think I am even close to peaking in my musicianship.  I don’t have the time or the free energy to be able to totally indulge in that, which I would want to do.

They give you a guitar on the show.  When are you going to bust out a riff…?
You won’t see that anytime soon. [laughs] But maybe Callie will turn into a rock star and I can live it all out through her.

Jennifer Lopez is an executive producer on this show.  Have you sung in front of her yet?
No.  And I would never!  That is Cierra Ramirez [who plays younger foster sister, Mariana].  She is the public singer.  She is very sweet though.  Very lovely.

What was your first time meeting her like?
It was very odd.  We were on the set and we were waiting for her.  We were pulled from set very quickly and it was kind of very hush.  She had an entourage of like 20 people with her.  And we were all very nervous and excited.  She came out in bright yellow sequined pants.  And we were all in sweatpants and our regular Fosters-wear.  But she was actually very sweet.  I was taking pictures with her.  I had just met her and two seconds later she had her arms around me and I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’  It was very disarmingly real and down-to-earth.


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