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Posted on July 12, 2015 and filed under Interviews, Teen Beach 2, Teen Beach Movie 2

Thanks to Lindsey at On Screen Style, we have a new interview featuring the costume designer from Teen Beach 2 which describes Maia’s character’s style in the film. Click on the link below to see exactly how you can steal Mack’s fashion statements!

Last time we checked in with surfing high schooler McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) — in the original Teen Beach Movie — she was spending her summer cruising around with the Wet Side Story gang in 1960s clothes.

Fast forward to the start of the school year (in Teen Beach 2), and Mack’s now riding a much more modern day sartorial wave.

With the second chapter of the story, “we sought out to capture the different sides of her character — fun, carefree surfer, studious overachiever, and beach-cleaning activist,” TB2 Costume Designer Anthony Tran told OSS in an email interview. “Mack’s style has a definite bohemian vibe in terms of prints/colors, but we see the touches of structure/order with the jackets, blazers, etc.”

While nearly all of the looks from the first movie were custom made, the sequel’s contemporary setting created an opportunity for more of a 50/50 split in terms of store-bought clothes and created ones. Anthony said, however, that when he and his team hit the mall, they always kept one key element in mind. “It  was important for us to shop at stores/brands that would be accessible to both an average high school girl like Mack and our audience.”

Below, Anthony reveals more behind-the-scenes details from Mack’s costume closet, and stay tuned to this site because I’ll also be doing a post on Lela’s looks!

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