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Posted on February 08, 2014 and filed under Interviews, Maia Mitchell, Photos, Photoshoots

I have added several medium quality images from Maia’s new photoshoot for the March 2014 edition of Teen Vogue as well as 2 high quality scans from the magazine. Be sure to take a look at the gorgeous photos in the gallery by clicking on the link or thumbnails below. You can also read Maia’s interview for the magazine here:

Television has introduced audiences to all sorts of memorable families: the ghoulish Addams Family, the bubbly Brady Bunch, and Full House’s wholesome Tanners, to name a few. But not many prime-time households are as unforgettable as the Fosters, the clan in ABC Family’s groundbreaking series about a lesbian couple raising their biological son alongside several adopted and foster children. The Fosters, now the network’s most popular show after Pretty Little Liars, features a stellar ensemble cast—and a breakout star in 20-year-old Maia Mitchell, whose turn as Callie Jacob, a teenager with a troubled past, should not be missed.

The Teen Beach Movie alum’s journey to landing the part involved traveling halfway around the world—from her hometown of Lismore, Australia, to Los Angeles—just to audition.

I’ve never loved a role this much,” Maia gushes. The actress’s immediate connection to Callie helped her identify with the complex character. “If you look beyond her hard life, Callie and I are similar,” she says. “She’s sweet, loyal, and loving.” Personality traits aren’t all the two share: “A family member of mine went through a situation like Callie’s, with a foster kid,” she reveals. And growing up with a younger brother helped Maia bond with her on-screen brothers, played by Jake T. Austin, David Lambert, and Hayden Byerly. “We’re like siblings, on and off set,” she admits.

Maia says executive producer Jennifer Lopez (yes, J.Lo!) is among her most enthusiastic supporters. “Recently the cast introduced her at a dinner in Washington, D.C.,” Maia says. “When we stepped offstage, Jennifer hugged me and said, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ She’s awesome.” Still, Maia says there are fans—many living within the foster care system—who expect the show to portray the darker side of their reality. “There is abuse and mistreatment,” Maia acknowledges. “In later episodes, Callie will spend time with girls dealing with a more difficult foster upbringing.”

When she isn’t busy filming, Maia finds time for her passions: singing and songwriting. She names ’60s folk icon Joni Mitchell as her musical inspiration. And when it comes to acting, Maia insists the sky’s the limit. “I want to do theater, TV, movies,” she says, citing Claire Danes as an idol, “as long as the role allows me to grow as an actress and a person.”

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